"My mother has always worn a gold ring on her right hand. When I was a little girl, she told me to spin the ring and pause to say a prayer each time my finger reached one of the seven gilded knots on the band. This practice is called japa and, like rosary, it is the meditative repetition of a mantra.

My mother’s ring is from our ashram in Ganeshpuri, India where I spent time as a child, learning sacred chants and ancient mythologies. When I first moved away from home, she gave it to me so that I would have a tool, a pathway to remember that which is both familiar and eternal, intangible and omnipresent. My jewelry is dedicated to my mother and all of lessons she has taught me."






Photo: Darian Zahedi

Photo: Darian Zahedi

Artist and designer, Danielle Birrittella, began constructing jewelry with objects she collected along her travels as a classical singer and performer.

Born on a Hindu ashram to American parents, Birrittella designs from a unique bridge that spans the worlds of Eastern mysticism and Western minimalism. She crafts collections that invite the wearer to transcend beyond jewelry for beauty’s sake and delve deeper into alchemy, ritual and the sacred.

Throughout her teens and into her twenties, Birrittella set forth on a rigorous path to becoming a professional opera singer. She studied music and theatre at NYU, received an MFA from CalArts, learned a trio of Romance languages, acquired Italian citizenship and attended Young Artist Programs. Conflict festered in her classical training, however; one in which tradition and perfectionism clashed with her quest to rediscover unencumbered modes of expression through performance. Her instinct to create original work resulted in a break away from opera.

Fascinated by design traditions of India, Turkey, Morocco and the Mediterranean, Birrittella studied the cultural rites of adornment and began apprenticing master jewelers to craft one-of-a-kind, eco-gold pieces.

Birrittella's Prayer Ring and Chakra Collections are an homage to the philosophies and practices of the lineage she was raised in. Her Constellation Collection was created to honor her father, a trained astrologer, who taught her about the stars and planets as a child. 

POE is based in Venice, CA. When jewelry isn't being made, it is being inspired by hikes, swims and ukulele interludes. Birrittella continues to create music under the moniker Dia and abides by the the words of Tom Waits — "as a songwriter, the only thing I really do is make jewelry for the inside of other people's minds."