For customers who are seeking to strengthen and focus energetic chakra points.

New technology reaffirms the ancient Vedic science that the body is an energetic field. These energy centers are called charkas and identify core issues and needs. Bringing these centers into alignment creates a continuous flow. By placing intention on these points through chanting, meditation and visualization, they are opened so that balance and healing can occur.

Each chakra point is represented by shapes, stones, colors, planets and mantras. Working in tandem with a customer and their goals, we design pieces of jewelry that incorporate beneficial elements. The pieces are worn on the body to instill mindfulness and set grounded intentions toward transformation.

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Vedic (or Jyotish) Astrology calls on the great power of gemstones as talisman. Based on one's astrological chart, certain stones are beneficial to the radiant energy that each planet emits. This energy affects each person differently in accordance with their zodiac sign and the position of the planets in their horoscope. 

This process of creating a Vedic talisman is two-fold. Working with a master astrologer your chart is read and we determine which gems will be most beneficial to prevent or promote the effects of the planets. We then refine and focus your intentions and incorporate them into a design. 

We source Jyotish gemstones, which must be clean and free of defects or harsh chemical treatments to ensure maximum energetic impact. 





We create bespoke pieces using rare and heirloom stones. Our purpose is to support brides, grooms and creative customers in an innovative exploration of their vision.

Clients are involved in an active collaboration to design one-of-a-kind pieces that express personal meaning and symbolism. Women's and men's rings, bridal sets and bridal party tokens integrate and sustain the vows and intentions of ritual and ceremony.  


Custom orders are final sale and may not be returned for refund; please contact